Gap Frame Press – BX1 Series

Gap Frame Press

"BALAJI" has been successfully delivering sheet metal forming solutions to various industrial segments for more than 40 years. All our experience has culminated in the creation of the amazingly versatile BX1 Series C Frame Mechanical Power Press. Tough, durable and economical. Accuracy meets international quality standards. Superior in design for easy setup and user-friendliness, low operating and aintenance cost, capable for producing world-class parts.

The BX1 Series frames are fabricated from extra thick high tensile steel plate. Highly rigid frame constructions assure minimum angular deflection and elongation during full load capacity. This feature ensures high precision press work for a longer period of time with minimum Die maintenance.
Heavy duty graded cast iron slides are designed to reduce vibration. Six face extra long and wide slide guides runs in durable alloy bronze lining. It ensures higher accuracy at Bottom Dead Center and also extends Die life.
Hydraulic Overload Protector:
A built in hydraulic overload protector completely assure press and tool safety during any overload situation. As it stop press automatically and after releasing the pressure jam prevents easily and return to normal operation in just by means of simple manipulation.
Electrical Panel:
We designed a user friendly simple and easy to operate control system (BPC-2.1). Programmable Logical Control based panel is accurate and reliable.
Pneumatic Panel:
The BX1 Series equipped with separate Pneumatic Panel which makes easy to monitor and control air ressures in runtime.
Clutch and Brake:
A heavy duty dynamically balanced single disc combined clutch and brake unit is used for jolt free strokes and reduce noise. One board mounting provides easy accessibility for maintenance.
Lubrication System:
These presses are equipped with forged automatic grease lubrication system. A default monitor system ensures metered amount of lubrication for all points which results in smooth long running and high reliability.
Shut Height Indicator:
Slide mounted digital shut height indicator of least count 0.1 mm is standard with the press which helps operator to load the tools fast.
Motorized Slide Adjustment:
A motorized slide adjustment device (over 40 ton) consists of an imported brake motor that operates by push buttons which results in easy and fast tool setting.
Die Cushion (Optional) :
A pneumatic bellow type suspended die cushion ensures smooth operation at reduced maintenance cost and quick response.
Quick Die Changing System (Optional) :
Quick die changing system reduces press machine downtime due to die changes. Also increases productivity and streamlines production.
Main MotorPneumatic Die Cushion
Plc Controlled System (bpc-2.1)Photo Electrical Safety Device
Automatic Grease Lubrication DeviceAnti Vibration Mount
Hydraulic Overload ProtectorFoot Switch
Motorized Slide Adjustment (bx1-63 - 250)Knockout Device
Manual Slide Adjustment (bx1-32 - 40).Quick Die Change System
Shut Height Indicator (bx1-63 - 250)Variable Speed Drive
Production CounterCoil And Strip Feeder
Dual Solenoid ValvePress Control System (bpc-3.1)
Rotary Cam Limit SwitchTouch Screen Panel Display With Error Message
Counter Balance For SlideDigital Crank Angle Indicator
Portable Operation Stand